Drum Base


♬♬♬ RESONAT€ ♬♬♬

Brand new Drum and Bass night at the 1in12 club Bradford
Hosted by Sean (Beat Freeqs) Duffy+Jay (Spyda Sound) and Pig (GOD)
Bringing you all the best DnB can offer you, from Rollerz, Liquid, Neuro and Dark and heavy :) :) :)

♬♬♬ Powered by the almighty Spyda Soundsystem ♬♬♬

———————–DJ’S ON THE NIGHT—————————–

♬ Guirkz – Liquid DnB and Jungle (Beatfreeqs)♬

♬ PIG (D’Oink) Liquid/rollers/Jungle (G.O.D) https://soundcloud.com/drpiglet

♬ Harry The Spider – Neuro DnB (spyda sounds) ♬

♬ Joe Knight – Drum and Bass ♬

♬ Bassline Dread = DnB (Beatfreeqs) ♬

♬ Dungeon Master = Dark DnB (Beatfreeqs) ♬

♬ NQ2 = G.O.D ♬

£3 OTD


The 1in12 Club is a collectively managed and organised members social club.

As a member you would be showing your support for long running community social center, able to attend events at a reduced rate.

For esquires on how to join please peruse the link below.
Application forms behind the bar.

CHEAP BEER AS ALWAYS at the 1in12!
(please dont bring your own into the club or you will be asked to leave!)

OVER 18’s ONLY!OVER 18’s ONLY, ID WILL BE REQUIRED!!! No ID no entry, No exceptions